Cauliflower mac & cheese with guinea fowl in a sticky lemon sauce

baked cauliflower mac and cheese bake

Spring came with beautiful sunshine. I even managed to sunbathe in the garden without being totally wrapped up, all for one glorious day. Sadly since it has become a bit colder again and I was instantly craving comfort food.   This weekend locally grown cauliflowers were on sale in the shops and I bought one. … Continue reading

Tofu and pecan nut stuffed portobello mushrooms

I have been  a little quiet lately. It has been manic at work and 3 trips within 7 days left me feeling quite exhausted. The trips were all good and with great outcome but I was so happy when the last one was over and to get in to my own bed! Today is the … Continue reading

Pasta with wild garlic pesto and chorizo picante

I did a quite large batch of the wild garlic pesto and could not wait to use it! I came home from work a bit later than usual and without too much energy to cook dinner pasta pesto seemed quick and easy. I don’t cook pasta very often but I always have a stash. I … Continue reading

Lamb two ways and asparagus for Easter

I had some time to think about what to cook for Easter last week. I had been away for quite some time with little or no time to cook so I was really looking forward to making an Easter dinner. I went to Robson’s Butcher to get my meat already on Thursday and how lucky … Continue reading

Burns night dinner and a perfect pick me up breakfast

We were invited to our neighbours for a Burns night dinner. Burns night is an event to celebrate the Scottish poet Robert Burns and they typically include haggis with neeps and tatties (translation – swede and potato), Scotch whisky and reciting one or more of Burns poems. They had a fantastic haggis from Macsween, their’s … Continue reading

Two tortilla pizzas

With the new year and the resolution to eat healthier I decided to use up the left over cheese from the holidays. I had some soft tortillas left over and I love to use them as a pizza base. I went through the fridge and the fruits and decided to use a small piece of … Continue reading

Cured reindeer, slow roast lamb and cheese

In the days between Christmas and New Year a couple of friends came to London and made time for a stop over for dinner! They are true foodies so I got quite excited and did a lot of thinking of what to cook. I did a small pre starter of prawns to go with a … Continue reading

Tapas at Salt Yard

I have a few favourite restaurants and Saltyard is one of them! The atmosphere is always relaxed and the food and wine excellent. I think they have some of the best tortilla in London, it is just perfectly cooked and full of flavour, but then everything is. We ordered some Jamon Croquetas with Manchego, crispy … Continue reading

Beautiful dim sum in Soho

Last Friday I decided to take a day off and spend it with a friend. It was a proper girlie day with some shopping (failed miserable but had a good time), a nice long lunch and perhaps a drink afterwards. It was a great plan. We never made it to a second shop, starving we … Continue reading

Two great London restaurants and a perfect Friday night meal

It was a very nice week and it went by quite quick. I had some great food eating out. Luckily I could decide where and Wednesday we went to Salt Yard, it is one of the best, in my opinion, tapas places in London. It is a mix of Spanish and Italian influence on the … Continue reading