Ancho chile and cranberry salad with paneer cheese

Spicy cranberry salad with paneer cheese

This morning I opened my eyes and did what I usually do, I reached for my phone to see what is going on in the world. I was faced with images and stories of violence from what happened in Nice, France last night. I can’t imagine any God, no matter what religion that would approve … Continue reading

Baked paneer cheese with prawns on avocado and pea mash

It was my day off and I had no idea what to cook. I tried to flick through some cookbooks, some magazines and some blogs for inspiration. Nothing came up and all I knew was that I wanted to eat prawns. I went to the fishmonger and got the prawns and then I raided the … Continue reading

Beef and kimchi dumplings with bavette steak

I woke up the other morning and looked out. It was 6.32 am and the sky was beautifully red. From giving the outside world a sleepy eye I instantly woke up and I knew I had to grab the camera and capture the light. It isn’t quite that easy, I had to get everyone awake, … Continue reading

Butternut squash frittata

As I was on my way home from a meeting in town, being squished against half the bin on the train, standing next to someone who had had a drink too many, I could not tell if it was yesterday or today, it had that sort of ingrained smell, with my head under a mans … Continue reading

Cold melon soup starter and hot, sweet tomato chicken

The internet in the office went down the other day, just after lunch me and my laptop went home and I did a pit stop at the butchers. I bought some pork belly. My always helpful butcher cut off the skin (no crackling this time) and the bones. I took the bones home with me and … Continue reading

Green peppercorn & romesco sauce curry after a day at the Twickenham Sevens

We have gone to the Rugby Sevens at Twickenham a few years in a row now and it is always a great day out! Until this year we have had some incredible luck with the weather but this year the sun seemed a little paler and before we left it started to drizzle with rain. … Continue reading

Chickpea and goats cheese veg stew

After quite a lot of food this weekend I felt the need for something healthy. I went to the shop to buy spinach, they didn’t have any so I got a bag of watercress, spinach and rocket leaves.  I decided to do a veg stew based on chickpeas, paneer cheese and the greens. I wanted … Continue reading

Paneer curry hot pot and blackberry picking

I had quite a productive weekend. I was very excited when I discovered ripe blackberries! There are lots still to come and it is in the sunny spots that they are ripe. We picked a big bowl of gorgeous blackberries. On the way home we checked on the apples, almost ripe and some pears, not … Continue reading

BBQ with lots of veg and one of the best desserts ever

It is a lovely weekend! Sunny and warm and just gorgeous! Early this summer we decided to get a new BBQ, the old one was promptly taken apart and placed in the pile of junk going to the tip (at some point). We never did buy a new one and of course it is quite … Continue reading

And the cauliflower was purple!

I tried to grow cauliflowers from seed this year. I have never done that before and the little seedlings grew very nicely until they were planted outside where they quite promptly died one by one. In the end I went to the garden centre and got some plants. The plants looked very strong and after … Continue reading