Ham Hoc casserole and spinach & wild garlic soup

I have a new cast iron casserole pot. It is beautiful and I knew as soon as it arrived that I had to use it to cook something. I quickly headed to Robson’s to pick up some slow cooking meat. After some deliberation I got a smoked ham hoc, the meat is so lovely and … Continue reading

Warming hot and sour meatball soup

I have been battling a cold for the last few weeks. I have a few good days and then I feel completely lethargic again. I felt better but after a hectic weekend  I decided that I needed energizing and healthy food.  I also wanted something that can be dinner for tomorrow as well. I had a … Continue reading

Al Boccon di vino – an Italian eat fest

I have been intrigued to come here ever since it opened but I have not managed to book a table in this small and intimate Italian Richmond based restaurant. It looks very traditional from the outside and I finally got to book a table at Al Boccon di vino for a Sunday lunch! we didn’t quite know … Continue reading

Spaghetti Bolognese – That’s Amore on Valentines day

I don’t usually celebrate Valentines day, it is a nice tradition but somehow it seems I never celebrate it properly. I remember I was in the US once and I got friendship Valentines card from my friends, it was celebrated big style! I didn’t even get around to buy a card but I promised to … Continue reading

10 minute superfood dinner

Like so many days on my way home from work I was really hungry and not too keen on going to the shops. For a minute I even contemplated a take away but changed my mind in the end in favour of a salad. A salad would be quicker and much healthier. I wanted something … Continue reading

Parmesan crusted pork and low GI veg studded wild rice

When I got home I stuck my head out to check on the tomatoes. From having looked a little sad they have really taken off lately and there are plenty of tomatoes coming, there is almost some to pick every day. Today was no difference and I got a nice handful. After a quick check … Continue reading

An authentic Italian with New York inspired jazz

Last Friday night I was in the mood for a nice and chilled out dinner, some wine and just an easy night. I was torn between going out or cooking something quick but as I was going away for the weekend I thought easier to go out and headed for Il Casale on Hampton Hill … Continue reading

Super quick grilled cheese sandwich

Sometimes dinner has to be quick and simple. Tonight I wanted something that took less than seven minutes prep time as I had some things to do later. I went to the shop on my way home and got some cooked ham and half a pint of milk and decided to make grilled sandwiches. I … Continue reading