Christmas two ways, two days

It didn’t start well, on my way for some last minute shopping it was pouring down with rain and too windy to even try and use an umbrella! I felt half drenched and not Christmas spirited when I reached the stores but much to my amazement it was almost empty and actually a lovely experience! … Continue reading

Steak dinner

Wednesday: This week was just so exciting! I found a supplier of Molecular gastronomy kits! I could not wait for Santa to come but ordered one pronto! It looks amazing and I can’t wait to get started. I really feel I should get one of those white lab coats and maybe some protective glasses as … Continue reading

Beautiful Kent

Friday night and not completely unexpected on way to visit friends for the weekend there was an accident on the M20. Sadly it was a fatal accident and it made me even more grateful when we safley pulled up to the drive in deepest Kent. The wine flowed and after a very nice dinner with … Continue reading

Jams, post brunch and low carb dinners

The brunch turned out very lovely. See previous blog post. The pork belly was so tender it melted on the tongue, the salt, the sweet, the soft meat went down very well! I also, and last minute thought I had not made enough food and added prawns with dill and garlic, also perfect on toast! … Continue reading

A Christmas card pretty white Christmas and eating reindeer

This year I went to Sweden to celebrate what was a truly white christmas. It was very cold, the fallen snow was all ice crystals and it was a sparkly and gorgeous, brightening up the whole landscape. <a In Sweden Christmas is a happy gluttonous affair, for anyone who has ever had a smörgåsbord, this is the deluxe … Continue reading