Langoustine ceviche surf n’ turf

Langoustine ceviche with grapefruit and salmon roe

New Years eve, what did you get up to? I like to celebrate New Years eve with friends, having dinner at home and going down to the beach at midnight and watch amazing fireworks.   The last couple of years we have done a New Years eve neighbor crawl, eating a dish in every house, … Continue reading

Chilli, garlic and dill langoustines

Every year, under the full August moon Swedes have crayfish parties. The crayfish is traditionally cooked in water flavoured with dill in bloom and served whole en masse. They are served with cheese, bread and of course plenty of alcohol, wine, beer and schnapps, usually at someones summer house by the sea or a lake. … Continue reading

Crayfish/Langoustine season is here

For those who don’t already know I am Swedish. I moved to London quite a few years ago and seem to have adapted to the UK way of living and I still love living here! There are still a few things I miss from Sweden, mainly friends and family but also a few things that … Continue reading

A seafood platter, pulled lamb and garlic marinated anchovy

I wanted to cook something special this Saturday for dinner and made a seafood platter. I went to the fishmongers, they have so much to choose from and it is hard not to get greedy. I ended up buying langoustines, peel on prawns, crab claws and a piece of salmon fillet. The salmon was pan … Continue reading

That famous prawn sandwich

A lot of restaurants have a signature dish that will remain a favourite year after year. At Heaven23 at Gothia Towers in Gothenburg they took inspiration from Rhode Island on the US east coast for a king size prawn sandwich. Bigger is better was the thought and the name is simply King Size. This very … Continue reading

Salmon on my mind

On Friday night I was so hungry I needed something quick and easy so I made a casserole from sausage and beans and a sprinkle of Joes smoked cheese. Not the most sophisticated dish but perfect weeknight food with a glass or two of red. I was thinking yesterday what I would want to eat … Continue reading

Carb free dinner in less than 10 minutes

On the way home from work I was thinking about food and made myself feel starving! I had to have something and fast! At the butchers yesterday I finally found high quality Frankfurters! It was great as I have never found any before that are as good as these in London, as strange as it … Continue reading

Beautiful Kent

Friday night and not completely unexpected on way to visit friends for the weekend there was an accident on the M20. Sadly it was a fatal accident and it made me even more grateful when we safley pulled up to the drive in deepest Kent. The wine flowed and after a very nice dinner with … Continue reading

Toad in the hole and steak of venison

After a bit of a week feeling like I was followed around by a cold, too much to do to lay down and give in but a bit of a struggle and the pace was not quite what it normally is. Friday night we were invited to friends for dinner, I had no idea what … Continue reading

The hottest October day ever, a great game and a foodie week

This week has been just amazing, like summer finally arrived with 28C and sunshine every day. Better late than never and am sure autumn is just around the corner. A friend called me as a surprise as she was in town for business. We had dinner at Watasumi, it was great as always and I … Continue reading