Not much time to prepare lead to a trio of starters and lamb two ways

A friend of mine and myself have been talking for a long time that he should come over for dinner whilst in London, for years actually and somehow it just never happened. We finally found a date and then of course the first thing I did was to start thinking about what to cook. He … Continue reading

Zucchini rolls, the first asparagus and a pistachio and coconut rhubarb crumble

It is so beautiful outside with everything in bloom I just had to get the camera out and direct it towards something else than just food for once! I took it to the allotment and did a walk around. It looks quite bare at the moment but everything is blooming. The apple trees look stunning … Continue reading

Carnitas – food to love

I had an idea that I wanted to make carnitas, a Mexican dish that is most often made of pork that is roasted or slow cooked and then served with tacos, tortillas or burritos. I wanted to make some and decided to start by doing some research first. There is no shortage of recipes and it seems … Continue reading

Wild garlic pesto chicken

On my days off I love to go for a nice walk and forage. I didn’t expect to see anything during this cold Easter but much to my surprise I must have found  slightly warmer spot and there was some wild garlic! The smell was unmistakable! I could see it coming in loads of places … Continue reading

Lemon sole with fresh, grated horseradish

It was a very typical April day, rain, hail, warm sunshine and cold winds. Still rain and hail did not hang around for too long so a perfect day to head for the allotment and make sure that we get some lovely veg coming later this year. There are already a few things that has … Continue reading

Rhubarb glazed gammon joint and the first wild garlic of the year!

Last weekend I wanted something different for the Sunday roast so I picked up a gammon joint for roasting. As it is so salty I thought something sour but sweet would be nice. It usually goes very well with orange but I picked the first rhubarb of the year and wanted to incorporate it with … Continue reading

An Easter Food Fest

Wild garlic lifted this Easter foodie feast, picked in the local woods and eaten the same day!