A travelling friend and a whole lot of jams!

I am not sure why but lately every week seems to whizz past at the speed of light! It is good as I seem to get loads done every day but never quite enough… This week was no exception but I had a lovely chicken fajita dinner at a friend’s house, just perfect after a … Continue reading

A battle with blackberry thorns, a barbecue, jam tasting and Swedish comfort food

Everywhere I look I see apple trees full fruit and I can’t wait to get picking! Today I picked more blackberries, they are much harder to pick than apples, and the biggest and juiciest ones are always just that stretch away. It is so easy to forget the thorns, and today, the stinging nettles that … Continue reading

A Gin Discovery, BBQ, that Roast and a gorgeous Italian

Not quite sure where time has gone lately never enough updates but plenty of foods and finally time for some cooking! Last week when in Stockholm one of my colleagues gave me a tip for a simply gorgeous Italian restaurant that had me wolfing down pasta like there is no tomorrow, I will have to … Continue reading

Post Rugby dinner

It is finally time for the Rugby season to kickoff and what is better than heading home from Twickenham to a house smelling wonderful of meat slow cooking in the oven? I was thinking need to prepare as much as possible and then last-minute put a last hand at the food and being almost ready … Continue reading

Bank holiday weekend of foods!

The bank holiday weekend was a lot about food. Had some friends over for dinner Saturday. It is August time and the allotment is full of the most lovely foods. Friends over for dinner: We started with a kale soup, with small cubes of gammon and quail eggs, quail eggs are yummy, very  fiddly to peel … Continue reading

Chutney experiments

I had found, and modified a mango chutney recipe. A friend has a cooking apple tree and has promised me apples and it looks beautiful.  In return for apple and mango chutney… and I assume whatever else I can think of making as well! I did think about apple liqueur and was thinking perhaps apple and cinnamon … Continue reading