Moorish Morston mussels, fresh sea air and the Blakeney starry sky

There is something so soothing and almost mesmerizing about the sea, ever-changing and wonderful air to fill your lungs with and busy waterbirds everywhere, taking off, landing and scrabbling over whatever foods they just found. On the way to Blakeney there was a bit of bad weather, but after the rain the sun came, and with the sunshine the most … Continue reading

And Richard Corrigan said “yum yum”

No, I did not have Richard Corrigan over for dinner but I did go to Love Cooking and he was there cooking. If Love Cooking is on next year I will for sure go again!There is something about a man, larger than life cooking such delicate dishes with amazing finesse, tasting away with a happy … Continue reading

Truffled Chicken and allotment veg

My last try to make the best ever chicken was so so(I worked on it for 2 days), the chicken was lovely but the long cooking time didn’t quite deliver an amazing difference so I am now making a new attempt. I have bought chicken fillets that I have in brine for 3 days. The … Continue reading