Smoked beef and butternut squash salad

Smoked beef salad

The other day I almost stumbled in a shop over a box of Christmas cards. I can’t be the only one who thinks it is just a tiny bit early? Saying that I am reminded every morning listening to the radio where they have a count down. The count down makes it sound so close … Continue reading

Chicken with burnt miso butterscotch and walnut salsa

Chcken with burnt miso butterscotch and walnut salsa

Running the pop up restaurant has me looking through a lot of recipes. This is something that I love to do but with the world wide web, the possibilities are endless. I knew I wanted to do chicken. Ever since I coked one chicken six ways I can’t stop thinking about the different ways of cooking … Continue reading

Oh what a party! White cobnut gazpacho and canapés

cobnut gazpacho

The last thing in the kitchen to be installed was the extractor fan. It was damaged in transport but whilst the rest of the kitchen moved along it got stuck along the way due to various events and summer holidays. Now the kitchen is looking pretty fab and it was time to take it for … Continue reading

Noodle soup ramen style

The weather was lovely today despite storm and rain warnings. We went to the beach for a lovely pub lunch, a bit extravagant as it takes a little time to get there but it is not often the weather is this lovely. For dinner I didn’t really want something warm, but i didn’t want a … Continue reading

Hemp seed topped baked tofu and tomato sauce

I got a bit carried away at the veg shop and got a whole bunch of tomatoes. They just looked so perfect, large, ripe and full of flavor! I got two large bunches and happily carried them home. It was perhaps slightly too many so towards the end of the week I was left with four … Continue reading

Bella Italia! Where seasonal eating is a way of living and drinking world class local wines

The Le Marche weekend was a nice and long one. We had time to cook at our friends house as well as go out to eat. I love to browse around even in the local supermarkets, everything looks exotic and they also follow the seasons in terms of eating and if it isn’t in season, … Continue reading

Peparing for the Year of the Dragon and celebrating Burns

Yesterday we went to a friend’s house to celebrate the Scottish poet Robert Burns. For starter we were treated to cock a leekie soup. Very light and lovely. This was followed by haggis with neeps and tatties (translated to English that is mash potato with mash swede) with our host reading a Robert Burns poem … Continue reading

January style Bangers&Mash

With January here and reading my fitness magazine I wonder what to eat for dinner that is lighter, but still worthy of the first bank holiday of the year. With most shops closed I headed to a farm shop with their own butcher for some dinner. I had a vague idea what to get but … Continue reading

A battle with blackberry thorns, a barbecue, jam tasting and Swedish comfort food

Everywhere I look I see apple trees full fruit and I can’t wait to get picking! Today I picked more blackberries, they are much harder to pick than apples, and the biggest and juiciest ones are always just that stretch away. It is so easy to forget the thorns, and today, the stinging nettles that … Continue reading

A brunch invitation

I love brunch, this time I have invited friends over for brunch food, at lunch time! It could be a lunch but I have included elements of breakfast as well to make it a bit lighter. The idea is to have a selection of foods, at least a few things for everyone. As I can … Continue reading