Go Native in Neal’s Yard

Jerusalem artichoke English grains Lincolnshire poacher

London is many things, busy, bustling, full of people, polluted, beautiful and what I perhaps love most of all, it has something for everyone. Me, I like, no I love food and I can’t imagine there being a better place to get authentic food from all corners of the world. The other evening I met … Continue reading

Flavour, flavour, flavour at the Smoking Goat, Soho

trio of curries from The Smoking Goat

The Smoking Goat in London’s Soho is a restaurant devoted to authentic Thai street food. Space is limited so get there early, or late to make sure you get in. The kitchen is tiny but the food that comes out of it is amazing. I heard about this about a year ago through Chef Sebby … Continue reading

Lunch at the Gilbert Scott bar

pea and asparagus salad at the Gilbert Scott bar

When you have time lunch is a wonderful thing. I decided to catch up with a friend and we took our time. My friend is a mega foodie so I was happy not to make any decisions and just go with the flow and the main thing was to catch up. Even before we sat … Continue reading

Lunch French style

We have some cold days, some wet days but there has been a couple of very spring like days with gorgeous sunshine and it has been warm in the sun. If the winds would just stop it would have been quite sensational. This time of the year I always feel a bit impatient, I can’t … Continue reading

Lunch at Wallet’s Court

It seems I haven’t paid much attention to places around me. The other day I went to lunch at a place down the road that I have to admit I hadn’t even heard about, Wallet Court. When I heard about the lunch I looked it up and it caught my foodie interest. Parts of Wallet … Continue reading

A day in Margate and lunch at Yama’s Thai

Since moving to Kent I have to admit we haven’t had a proper look around in other towns and nice places. This summer I want to change that and we decided on a day out in what is called “the most up and coming town in Kent”, Margate. We picked a lovely day, it was … Continue reading

Fragrant Indian food at Massala Hut

I can’t remember having had Indian food before I moved to London. Thinking back there might have been one Indian restaurant in Gothenburg, Sweden when I grew up. Chinese and Thai food was plentiful along with pizzerias. That was as exotic as it got. About ten or so years ago Mexican food was introduced in … Continue reading

Brunch with a Burger Bro

Sometimes I eat a meal that is so good I can remember the taste of it years afterwards. It doesn’t happen very often but a Mexican breakfast in Texas was a delicious experience. I went with friends and we ordered a mix of dishes from the menu and shared, one of my favourite ways to … Continue reading

An entrepreneur with an appetite for burgers

Before we moved to Kent I did some foodie research about what and where to eat. The always wonderful Victuals & Co is a lovely place for casual but fine dining. I can still remember the taste of beautiful crispy duck with cashew rice, or the smoked salmon dishes, any of them! I liked it … Continue reading

Culture and fine dining at Le Gavroche

Sometimes I believe in the power of pre planning. Luckily I have friends who are the same and we had planned a gorgeous lunch and an overnight stay in London. I decided to head in a day early to make a mini break, who doesn’t love that?! I managed to catch up with quite a … Continue reading