South American and Caribbean Fusion dinner

When at St Pete beach I went to St Petersburg to have a look around. It was very hot day but a squirrel looked very perky, looking for food in that way only squirrels do. A proud mother duck took her little downy ducklings out for a slow paddle I went to the Aquarium on … Continue reading

My US version of Diners, Drive Ins and Dives

Once I year I crave sunshine, a beach and total chill out time. This year I went to Florida, the sunshine state. Going in June is their low season, very hot and humid, way too hot for anyone to be stressed about anything and for me, just a perfect way to relax. I like the … Continue reading


This week summer has arrived to London, not quite sure for how long but the weather is so warm and sunny it feels like a great treat! The sky is clear blue and it has been up to 21C, just gorgeous. I meet with a friend last night and we decided to go to Cantina … Continue reading