Noodle soup ramen style

The weather was lovely today despite storm and rain warnings. We went to the beach for a lovely pub lunch, a bit extravagant as it takes a little time to get there but it is not often the weather is this lovely. For dinner I didn’t really want something warm, but i didn’t want a … Continue reading

Honey and soy glazed sea bass with rice noodle stir fry

One of my friends stopped eating meat, just by listening to her body and I thought that was a great idea. I decided to eat fish at least one day a week even if that isn’t much, but a starting point. I went to Kingston market, they have a lot of things I can’t get … Continue reading

Welcome to the Year of the Snake, Gong Xi Fa Ca!

As per my previous blog I wanted to challenge myself and cook some Chinese food, I almost never cook Asian foods and the Chinese New Year seemed like a great time to give it a try! I went to Chinatown between meetings one morning to get some of the ingredients. It was all dressed up and the … Continue reading

Black and white noodles with peanut sauce

I love Friday nights, the week is done, today there was a lot of snow! All day in the office I kept an eye out the window to make sure I could see the buses still running and at the end of the day I left a little early after about 6 hours of non … Continue reading

Authentic Chinese kitchen

Having grown up in Sweden the Chinese food is more for the Swedish pallet than the Chinese I would suspect it is easy to simply label food as “Chinese”. This is quite unfair as China is a vast country with a very varied range of foods from region to region. There are a few Chinese locally and … Continue reading

Black rice noodles with cold smoked moose

The last week before Christmas I was supposed to be out most nights so I didn’t plan any meals but one night there was a change of plans and I could headbstraight home and decided to cook with what I had at home. On my last trip to Stockholm I bought some cold smoked moose … Continue reading

Chicken stir fry with savory orange sauce and black & white noodles

The other day when I was walking home from work I was thinking about chicken soup, still feeling a slight cold I found the thought very appealing. I wanted something quick so I got a chicken breast from the butcher and headed home. One chicken breast is enough in a soup for two as there … Continue reading