Smashed Tofu & Mango Salad

Smashed Tofu Salad

January always arrives with a craving for lighter, healthier foods. Soup is always a favorite, especially when it’s cold outside and salads always hits the spot. My favorite January soup is based on vegetable or chicken broth and rice noodles. It works with pretty much any vegetable in the fridge and it is even better … Continue reading

Sea bass two ways, ceviche and pan fried sea bass with roasted quinoa

After a lot of meat it was time for some nice fish. I was in town and on my way back I decided to stop at Whole Foods, all the fish I have bought there has always been great. I wasn’t sure what I wanted, or what they had so I just went there and … Continue reading

Destination Berlin and Mustafas Kebab

I took a trip to Berlin at attend a conference. It was a short trip with an early start and departure from Heathrow, terminal 5. The day started with a promise of sunshine. The flight was on time and we did indeed land in a sunny and warm Berlin. I had never been before. We … Continue reading