Rice bread ravioli with truffled butternut squash filling and szechuan spiced prawns

It wasn’t long ago Whole Foods opened not far from where I live. It is like one large store full of goodies! I did pop in today and of course I got side tracked, all I wanted was a couple of veg! Inspired I ended up with a slightly odd basket with rice bread wraps, … Continue reading

Not much time to prepare lead to a trio of starters and lamb two ways

A friend of mine and myself have been talking for a long time that he should come over for dinner whilst in London, for years actually and somehow it just never happened. We finally found a date and then of course the first thing I did was to start thinking about what to cook. He … Continue reading

Perfect Catalan Gastronomy

One of the top places I really wanted to go when in Barcelona was the restaurant Abac. It has 2 Michelin stars and was awarded The Best Restaurant 2011 in Catalonia by the Catalan Academy of Gastronomy. They are also famous for their suckling pig and we were lucky to get a table. Before setting off … Continue reading

I indulged myself at the charcuterie and cheese counter at Harrods

The other day I was on a shopping mission. It was one of those days when I knew what I wanted and found about half so not really satisfying I have to admit. I did however find myself popping in to (I was nearby) the Harrods food hall and that is always worth a look … Continue reading

Slow roast lamb – perfect Rugby food!

We were lucky to have tickets for the rugby this weekend. It is always a fun day out! Despite a pale sun it was quite cold and I bought a half shoulder of lamb before we headed out and decided to slow roast it so that it would be ready when we got back home … Continue reading

What a Sunday lunch!

This week is the birthday of a friend of mine. To celebrate we were invited over for a Sunday lunch. I was asked to bring a dessert and I also volunteered to bring a starter. Expecting nothing but a large roast I did have to have a think and wanted to make something light. We … Continue reading

Bangers and swede mash with onion gravy

Yesterday we were debating about dinner, there were various suggestions on the table but in the end we settled for bangers and mash. The cold weather demands comfort food and this dish is way up there! There is a lot of produce at the allotment still and we picked the first swede of the season! We have … Continue reading

Wild rabbit pistachio curry

This week I have been wanting to cook something I don’t cook very often. I haven’t been home in time any night of the week to have time to cook something new so I wanted until Saturday to head to Robson’s butcher to see what I could find. On my way there I did remembered seeing some … Continue reading

Wonderfully decadent and indulgent food at Bar Boulud

A friend of mine suggested that I should go to Bar Boulud at the London Mandarin Oriental. His advice is always welcome and of course this turned out to be a proper food fest! It was a place where you get food so good it is virtually impossible to stop eating and I just wish … Continue reading

A favourite revisited, The Blackboard Bistro

I did a quick trip to Dublin and it was the first time in a little while. I was catching up with a friend and The Blackboard Bistro is a perfect place, unrushed and great for two foodies like us! They have a set menu at EUR 25 for two courses and EUR 30 for … Continue reading