Salt baked beetroot & roasted butternut squash

Baked Butternut squash

The best thing about growing your own vegetables I think is the exciting moment when you harvest perfect vegetables, sometimes because it needs to be picked and sometimes with a plan what to cook.   The long hot summer was great for some vegetables but it left some not getting enough water. The butternut squash has … Continue reading

The allotment in pictures and sliced pork belly snack

We got our allotment by pure luck. Having only a patio garden we really wanted a vegetable patch and we met someone who could offer us an allotment straight away! They had a severely overgrown allotment that required a lot of work. This was four years ago now and a lot of work later it … Continue reading

Serious growing at the allotment

Rain makes everything grow but like so many other things, too much can have the opposite effect. The allotment has almost been waterlogged at times this summer and the cold weather didn’t help. Lots of seeds didn’t come up at all, some came up to simply vanish. The slugs are thriving and eating their way … Continue reading