2013 – Delicious dishes and amazing restaurants

I really believe that the older you get the faster the years go by and 2013 was no exception. There were some ups and downs but that is life! I finally went to New York and went to see my friends in Clarksville Tennesse. We explored more of Barcelona, discovered the charms of Lanzarote, a … Continue reading

The wine and the women at Parés Baltà, Catalonia part II

I woke up after my snooze just as we were getting close to the winery, Parés Baltà, the last stop on our journey. I have never been to a winery on a tour before so I was very excited. The first thing that got my attention was that the vineyards around the Parés Baltà building were so green, a stark … Continue reading

Lunch under a Catalonian fig tree, Catalonia part I

When we booked the Barcelona trip I wanted to do something different and see a little bit more than just Barcelona. I love the city and have been before and don’t get me wrong, I could spend days/weeks walking around happily exploring and eating my way around the city. I found a traditional food and … Continue reading

Cal Pep, a Barcelona institution

When I did my research, talking to people and reading up on it there  is one place that always comes up. Cal Pep. It was so consistent I had to put it on the top of my list for our visit. Last time I went to Barcelona I sort of just went, this time I … Continue reading

Pinxtos, the perfect snack – Barcelona

Whilst walking around on the small streets in Barrio Gothico we stumbled across a little bar serving pinxto, food on a stick, typically served in the north of Spain. There are a couple in London and one in Soho that I have been to not too long ago. This one is a sister of the … Continue reading

Tapas24, it sounds like a dance

One of the first things that you see when you approach Barcelona from the airport is the cable car, the Transbordador Aeri del Port, running across the city. I am not great with heights but we thought we should try it. I am glad we did, it goes across town and the views are stunning with the … Continue reading

Perfect Catalan Gastronomy

One of the top places I really wanted to go when in Barcelona was the restaurant Abac. It has 2 Michelin stars and was awarded The Best Restaurant 2011 in Catalonia by the Catalan Academy of Gastronomy. They are also famous for their suckling pig and we were lucky to get a table. Before setting off … Continue reading

French/Italian influence in Barrio Gotico

Barcelona is a city blessed with culture and good food. There are some industrial sized churches that makes some factories in Magnitogorsk seem small and that says something! We only got a peak in this one but went to see the cathedral. It was very impressive, no expenses spared and a wonderful building. The ceiling height is … Continue reading

Lunch on the Barcelona beach

We woke up and the first thing I noticed was the blue sky. There wasn’t much time to loose, I couldn’t wait to go outside and start exploring! We had a quick breakfast and went off towards the beaches. The forecast said that there might be rain later in the week so we headed to … Continue reading

I want to buy my food at La Bocceria

A while back we decided to go away for a few days. Last year the heatwave was just about over but this year, the weather has been miserable. We didn’t want to go too far, but we did want some nice weather. After much debate and changing our minds Spain came up a winner. We … Continue reading