Porterstek, a very Swedish dish

There is a category of people I always feel a faint worry about cooking for, the ones who have what seems like an almost opposite pallet to my own. I love spices, chilli and garlic and use it in just about everything. This time I was looking for a nice recipe and the Swedish cuisine is … Continue reading

Rocky road, raspberry brownies

My second baking challenge from Betty Crocker about easy baking was brownies. Everyone likes brownies and I think most of us have a favourite recipe. I couldn’t resist having a look around my cupboards for additional ingredients to pimp them up a little. I really like the all in one mix and all I add … Continue reading

Easy baking carrot and rhubarb cake

So the thing about baking and me, it just doesn’t seem compatible most of the time. I have a few “safe” recipes, funny enough they all involve chocolate even if I am not a massive chocolate fan but they always work. Don’t get me wrong I eat chocolate but it would never be my first … Continue reading