Barbecue, a very social affair

barbecue carrots

The weather lately has been so nice we can’t seem to stop barbecuing. Weekends filled with sunshine seems to be inspiring to get the charcoal out and the fire going. There is something so soothing and yet exciting about fire and food and I prefer charcoal to gas.     My friend cooked and he … Continue reading


Two kinds of spiced chicken wings and blue cheese dressing on Black Friday

The American tradition Black Friday seems to have hit the UK big time. I saw some crazy shoppers chasing a bargain, stopping at nothing. I can’t remember there having been such a frenzy here before, this is usually reserved for Boxing day, or when IKEA opened in Edmonton in 2005. I didn’t go to the … Continue reading

Chicken wings with sweet potato fries and blue cheese

The other night I tried to stay up and watch Superbowl. I didn’t make it to the end but I was longingly thinking of American foods in general and chicken wings in particular! I couldn’t resist going to Robson’s Butcher to buy some wings and some Roquefort from their deli, no chicken wings without the … Continue reading

Two 30 minute dinners – cheese crusted pork and bacon omelette

With everything having been a bit hectic lately the few nights I have been home I really wanted home cooked food. Time has not always been on my side so it had to be quick and, if possible, a bit on the lighter side! I bought a fillet of pork on the way home one … Continue reading

Roast beef omelette

Yesterday was quite mild so I thought I wouldn’t need my woolly hat and gloves today, I should have checked the weather forecast. It was freezing! I had some roast beef left over from the weekend and was thinking of making a potato salad but the cold weather made me think that I needed something … Continue reading