Seafood tower with tomato and rhubarb salsa

The allotment is finally producing and it is looking great. We only got it in December last year but M has been busy. One of the few edible things on it when we got it is rhubarb. It is so plentiful and this plant is quite sweet with a lovely tang of sour, just enough … Continue reading

A prawn starter and plaice with clarified goats butter and fresh horseradish

The Black Pig butcher opened early this summer and ever since we have been able to get great produce. Instead of breakfast I decided to go there and get some nice bacon and a couple of sausages for brunch. I had some spaghetti squash  left over and I thought it would go with the bacon … Continue reading

An American inspired dinner, part I – amuse bouche pre starter and starter

When I was young I decided to go abroad for a year as an exchange student to the USA. I was so excited, especially when I got to fill in where I would like to go! I was thinking about sunny California, or cool New York! Of course this was just for the organizations guidance … Continue reading