Enoki and herb island in a dashi broth

As I mentioned in my previous blog I went to see The Alexander McQueen exhibition Savage Beauty at the Victoria & Albert museum last week. Even now, a week later images and impressions from the show keep coming back. It was very powerful and I wondered if I could cook something inspired by all of … Continue reading

Smoked chicken, ginger and chilli broth with celeriac and pork scratching toast

I have a friend who worked near Borough Market for years and she confessed to me that she only went there, for the first time a few months ago! I was at loss for words as if I worked near there I am sure I would get lunch there at least a couple of times … Continue reading

Chilean seabass in tofu broth

I was in London thinking about dinner and rather than going shopping for clothes, shoes or handbags (even if this still happens), I headed to Japan Centre on Shaftsbury Avenue to stock up on Asian ingredients and tofu. I came out with two bags full and I thought I could carry just a little bit … Continue reading