Scallop with kumaquat marmalade

It is scallop season, can you tell? No matter what I go to the fishmongers for I can never resist fresh, local scallops. They are caught in the bay nearby and smooth like butter. I even get out of bed early on Saturdays as he sells out quickly. This Saturday I had guests coming for … Continue reading

Pickled cockels

The other day I woke up and I felt like cooking, something that would take some time and the word that came to mind was flimsy. I am not sure if that is just strange or not but I went out to buy some food and fish was in front of mind as I wanted … Continue reading

Cured salmon with brown shrimp and a citrus coleslaw

I am not much for browsing around the supermarket but sometimes I do find some interesting things. This weeks find was some “exotic” citrus, very small little citrus fruits. They have quite a lot of pips but the whole fruit is edible and I just had to buy some as they, well, are so cute! … Continue reading