Earl Grey tea and orange glazed duck

Do you have any foods you like but only in small doses and not too often? I have a split relationship with duck. I like crispy duck but am not to keen on duck otherwise. It is a very rich meat and I don’t eat it very often but when I saw duck legs for sale … Continue reading

Crispy pulled duck and glazed pork with kimchi mash

A friend of mine is doing a short movie on a topic that most of us might never see and hopefully never experience but that is there, like the black side of society. The movie is about sex trafficking, a horrible and very lucrative trade that is on the rise. You can find more information … Continue reading

Salmon and cauliflower with confit egg yolk served with sauce verte

I had a discussion with a friend of mine the other day and it was all about food. We tried to determine what food we use the most and would be most reluctant to let go of. Egg was high on our list, the perfect fast food, a key ingredient in delicious cakes, nutritious,  a … Continue reading

Meatball Sunday!

I woke up and after having thought a little about it decided that I wanted meatballs for dinner. I am not sure why but I needed something comforting. When I was young I ate meatballs with mash potato, lingonberry jam, gravy , pickle cucumber and a salad. I decided to make something that took me … Continue reading

Veg loaded, carb free salmon dinner

We had not been at the allotment for a few weeks, there is not much going on at the moment but we thought we would have a go and see what is going on and, if we could pick anything edible for dinner. The broad beans and onion are looking strong and hardy, with the … Continue reading

An afternoon of rugby, wine and seafood

A friend of mine has gone pescetarian, it means she has cut out all meat from her diet. She said that she listened to her body and it makes her feel better. I think it is very important to listen to your body (except perhaps mine when I want cheese!). Life seems to go past … Continue reading

English spring veg and steak dinner

I love to make my way home from work on a Friday afternoon. I always make a stop at the veg mongers to see what they have. Lately they have had tempting cauliflowers at the front of the display and I can never resist them. Today I saw the first English marrow and I had … Continue reading