Salmon with scallops, pickle sprats and roasted fig quinoa

Sometimes I know exactley what I want and there is no persuading me any different and sometimes I can’t make up my mind at all. This time I was standing in the fishmongers and I simply couldn’t make my mind up. The man has a patience of an angel and waited for me to decide … Continue reading

Baked figs, ravioli and prosecco braised pork belly

As much as I hate to admit this, not long ago I tried to impress someone by cooking a dinner. It all went wrong and it was like I was hit with a temporary blockage of tastebuds and a complete inability to cook things that never failed before. It was so bad I brought out … Continue reading

Cavolo nero and ricotta ravioli with crispy sage

The other day I had a lovely invite in my inbox. It was a a pasta masterclass with the very talented chef Gennaro Contaldo. I had a great time but more about that in another blog. For the first time I have to admit I actually got truly enthusiastic about pasta. As a perfect gift … Continue reading

Tangy cavolo nero with seafood

One of the vegetables that are growing the most this year is the cavolo nero, a kind of kale. It has been growing all summer and it is so delicious! I wanted to cook something that put the cavolo nero in the centre rather than just having it as a side dish. Like all cabbage … Continue reading

Prosciutto and chard wrapped pork with goats cheese and elderflower

There is an amazing amount of elderflowers around  and I can’t find a good place to pick enough to make something substantial such  as cordial or wine. I picked a few flowers and brought them home. I wasn’t sure what to do with them but I had an idea.   Elderflowers    I had a … Continue reading

Salt baked chicken with cabbage and cavolo nero

When I was young I went on a ski holiday with my friend and her family. We drove from Sweden to the North of Italy, making a stop in the south of Germany to visit some friends. We went through the city of Nürnberg, Germany, where we stopped for lunch.My friends extended family’s dad had spent … Continue reading

Veg curry and salmon

Sometimes I like to see what I can find in my fridge and cook something from that. Last weekend we picked the last of the butternut squashes, I still  have a few to go so that was a given to use. I also picked other produce from the allotment, cavolo nero, spinach, runner beans and … Continue reading