Vinadloo(ish) chicken curry with grapefruit raita

I had all the best intentions to make a chicken Vindaloo by the book. All traditionalists please look away, I changed a little here, I added a little there and the base is a Vindaloo chicken curry that I found on the Saveur Magazine site. Their recipe bank is a treasure trove! I made it … Continue reading

Mango coconut chicken and tofu curry

Last week we were promised a heatwave this week. I am not sure where it went but instead we have gale force winds and pouring rain. I can hear the wind blowing through the front door and the rain smattering on the windows. The weather has an impact on what I want to eat and … Continue reading

Hot and sour coconut chicken

I really fancied a Thai green curry. What I didn’t fancy was going to the shops to get the ingredients. I did a stock take at home and decided to make a hot and sour dish instead. I had all of the ingredients for it so I thought I would give it a go. In … Continue reading

Julianna’s delicious Japanese Curry

Sometimes I can see a recipe and it seems to be calling out to me. I always read through the ingredients and then I know if I have to make it or not. Saying that I have a massive pile of printed and saved as pdf files saved of “must cook” recipes. It usually takes … Continue reading

Vietnamese coconut chicken & sweet potato curry

Sometimes when I want to buy something it comes in a fairly large quantity. This time I had a big bunch of lemon grass. I had bought it for a green Thai curry but I had way more than I needed and I didn’t want to let any of them go to waste. I found … Continue reading

A light mango chicken curry

I have a mango that needs to be used, I have looked at it for a couple of days but not had any time to cook, or even eat it. I also know I love to make a mango, chicken curry so I did have this in mind. I got 2 chicken breasts, medium size … Continue reading