Ginger infused chicken and mushroom soup

I bought a whole chicken and I wanted to make two things, a chicken stock and roast chicken, of some sort. I cut up the chicken and took all the small bits and pieces for the stock. I had a look through the fridge and came up with some vegetables, mushrooms and a good handful … Continue reading

Quick chicken soup with miso and barley

I love soups, they can be so easy and quick to make and with some chicken left overs it would make a perfect dinner. We had been on town for lunch and didn’t need a lot of food but something. The cold weather invites to warming foods and a light soup, especially after the rich … Continue reading

Hearty chicken soup for a cold night

Sometimes, and especially when it is cold out and I feel a little tired I think chicken soup is one of the best thing you can eat. On the way home from work I managed to get to the butcher ten minutes before they closed! Their chicken is just so much better than the one … Continue reading

Chicken soup

Sometimes it is so nice to eat light and simple foods. Last Friday night we had the Korean BBQ and it was quite full on and I followed up with another big meal on Saturday so by the time Sunday arrived I was ready for a nice and light dinner (the trousers were still slightly … Continue reading