Chicken wings at The Korean Cowgirl

Korean Cowgirl Chicken Wings

American barbecue deliciously fused with Asian flavors at the @korean_cowgirl in lovely #Canterbury

One chicken – six ways

Chicken lollipop

I haven’t really had the time or the energy to cook a lot lately but I woke up last weekend and decided that I wanted to cook chicken. It is rugby test series time so M would be well busy and not be too bothered by my lack of presence so it was a good … Continue reading

Two kinds of spiced chicken wings and blue cheese dressing on Black Friday

The American tradition Black Friday seems to have hit the UK big time. I saw some crazy shoppers chasing a bargain, stopping at nothing. I can’t remember there having been such a frenzy here before, this is usually reserved for Boxing day, or when IKEA opened in Edmonton in 2005. I didn’t go to the … Continue reading

Lightly spiced chicken wings, swede mash and roast vegetables

When I think of comfort foods chicken and mash is never far away! There is something so lovely about tender chicken meat and melt in your mouth mash. This was the last meal I cooked in the old kitchen. Everyone told me it will be a pain to live in the middle of not having … Continue reading

Chicken wings with sweet potato fries and blue cheese

The other night I tried to stay up and watch Superbowl. I didn’t make it to the end but I was longingly thinking of American foods in general and chicken wings in particular! I couldn’t resist going to Robson’s Butcher to buy some wings and some Roquefort from their deli, no chicken wings without the … Continue reading

Spiced chicken wings with hot mango sauce and Stilton baked mushrooms

It was time to travel again for business. The first stop this year was Dublin. I had some re arrangements with some meetings and ended up with some extra time over lunch. I decided to head to one of my favorite Dublin restaurants for lunch, The Blackboard Bistro. It was great to be back, the … Continue reading

Hot Hotter Hooters

The reason to go to Hooters is very clear to me, cold beer and excellent chicken wings! A few years ago I went to visit a friend in Austin, Texas. After having had great Tex Mex food for about five days my friend asked me where I wanted to go for dinner. As much as … Continue reading