Foraging on the beach

Foraged asparagus salad

One of my favourite things to do is to go for a walk on the beach. It feels like the sky is a little bit nearer and nature is, well, all around you. No matter how often I go there the beach is different, sometimes it is full of shingles and the next day it … Continue reading

Smoked tomato with asparagus broth and BBQ time

The nice weather inspired me to do a barbecue. I could not wait to get to Robson’s to get a chicken as this was my choice of the day. I asked Zack (Mr Robson) to chop it up for me and he gave me 10 nice pieces and the odd bits and giblets in a … Continue reading

Asparagus and green peppercorn soup

I adore to pick produce from the allotment and nothing ever tastes as good as when picked and cooked within an hour! Most of the seeds are now down, the onions have come up and the broad beans are flowering. It should be time next weekend to get some plants and when they are in … Continue reading