Valentines dinner, prawn mousse with mango and soy

I don’t know how a dish sometimes appear in my thoughts but lately prawn mousse has been on my mind. It might have been a conversation with a friend about seafood and what goes with it. Once the thought appeared I then had to think of how to make it, should I stuff something, dumplings, … Continue reading

Spaghetti Bolognese – That’s Amore on Valentines day

I don’t usually celebrate Valentines day, it is a nice tradition but somehow it seems I never celebrate it properly. I remember I was in the US once and I got friendship Valentines card from my friends, it was celebrated big style! I didn’t even get around to buy a card but I promised to … Continue reading

Chocolate mousse and sweet apricot kernel praline

What is a dinner without dessert? I don’t make them very often and if we don’t have guests we usually have some cheese instead but this time I really wanted to make some. I bought some gorgeous dark chocolate. It is not as sweet as milk chocolate and I decided to make a chocolate mousse … Continue reading