Cauliflower soup with beetroot and gin cured salmon

cauliflower soup with cured salmon

Cauliflower, it is so plentiful at the moment I can’t stop buying it. A friend of mine had a party and asked me to make a starter. It went from 20 people t 30 so I was thinking of what I could make that would be fairly easy to serve up quickly and give the … Continue reading


Gin and tonic cured salmon

Gin has a reputation as Mothers ruin. Have you ever seen the iconic image by the artist William Hogarth, Beer street and Gin lane? Beer street is thriving and prosperous, Gin lane is filled with misery  and death. This was made to show people that beer was far healthier than gin.     Image from … Continue reading

Swedish Christmas with a very large ham

Some things in life are about compromise and we usually compromise for as long as we want to and it feels ok to do so. In our household we celebrate Christmas on different days and to make everyone happy and Christmas a little bit more festive we have a Swedish Christmas on December 24th and an English … Continue reading

Cured salmon with brown shrimp and a citrus coleslaw

I am not much for browsing around the supermarket but sometimes I do find some interesting things. This weeks find was some “exotic” citrus, very small little citrus fruits. They have quite a lot of pips but the whole fruit is edible and I just had to buy some as they, well, are so cute! … Continue reading

Pulled lamb and cured salmon for Easter lunch

Easter is here! Four long days off and I finally had time for some cooking. I invited some friends for Easter Saturday lunch. In Sweden the tradition is to eat lamb or salmon at Easter and I decided that this would make a great menu. I wanted salmon to be the main course so had … Continue reading