Olive oil chicken with butter beans and pink peppercorns

Olive oil chicken with beans and pink peppercorns

One of my friends cooked beans in olive oil with pink peppercorns and steak. It was a lovely combination and despite the olive oil the beans were very light. Lately I have had a bit of a crush on butter beans and I decided to use the bean and olive oil dish as a base … Continue reading

Prawn and ginger ravioli with chilli, ginger and dill infused butter

I bought a small handful of lovely , raw tiger prawns. I thought they would be good for a starter. Prawns are low in fat and high in protein but some are farmed under terrible conditions for man and environment so please check origin before buying. I have been wanting to make ravioli for some … Continue reading

Smoked mackerel pate

Fast food is a term that usually refers to unhealthy foods but smoked mackerel pate is so quick to make there are no excuses to get something ready made. It is so easy and it is ready in 10-15 minutes! We didn’t fancy a full on dinner and we also wanted something quite quick and easy. … Continue reading