Fennel sausage stuffed chicken thighs with salt baked potato and beetroots

I haven’t eaten a lot of meat lately, and I had an order for chicken for dinner. I could have done a whole roast chicken but fennel sausage at Robson’s the butcher caught my eye. I have never seen fennel sausage there before, but saying that I could have been blind. Either way I love … Continue reading


Italian fennel sausage and vegetable stew

Somehow I thought today (Thursday) was Friday, perhaps I am just ready for the weekend! So as a small treat at the end of the day I had a meeting in town and I decided to do a little shopping round on the way home. There are a few places that I am always happy … Continue reading

Chocolate penne pasta with Italian fennel sausage

I was a little early for  a meeting and decided to have a browse around Hotel Chocolat, great luck that there was a shop so close! A bag of chocolate penne pasta caught my eye. The guy I was meeting is a foodie so I bought one bag each for us and will compare notes … Continue reading