A burger and lots of veg

I love a good burger and I love good beef. I wanted to make a burger so healthy it would make me feel great eating it. To achieve this I used the best minced beef and lots of veggies. I haven’t been that unhealthy lately but every now and then I get a craving for … Continue reading

Beef burger with pomegranate salsa, carrot slaw and butternut fries

I knew when I woke up that I wanted a burger for dinner. This was my first thought after checking the weather. I am not sure why or how this would be related (it might be the grey and cold day outside but the thought of a burger popped up in my head. I usually … Continue reading

On the hunt for an amazing burger

When a burger is good, it is like a complete meal, the perfect resistance for the bread, soaking up sauces without being soggy, adding just enough taste. The ration of fat to meat has to be right to make it juicy, it needs spices that enhance the flavours. However when a burger is bad it … Continue reading