An unexpected treasure – local truffle

I love to buy local produce and discover everything that grows in the region. Summer always brings so many delicious treats but I was very surprised when I found a small bowl of truffles for sale at the fishmonger! They were picked about seven miles from here (and not in France, that we can see … Continue reading

Crispy duck hash

Sometimes I have a serious lack of inspiration of what to cook for dinner. Today I needed something in the supermarket and as I was wandering about I saw some free range duck! Too good to pass on, it was duck for dinner, the legs to be more precise.   I love crispy duck but … Continue reading

Meatloaf hash

Monday night and I need dinner. I didn’t feel that I needed to buy anything, and cooked from the fridge and freezer. I found a few different things and decided to make a hash using the following: • Leftover meatloaf, diced • An organic Frankfurter from the butcher, sliced • Light halumi cheese, diced I … Continue reading