Cured, pulled lamb with cauliflower soup

Pulled cured lamb salad with cauliflower soup

Soup and bread is a perfect combination. The cauliflower season has started and all of the sudden there is local, big heads of cauliflower for sale. I had some friends coming over and thought it would make a nice starter. Going home with my newly acquired cauliflower I stopped by the butcher and I saw … Continue reading

Step by step guide to cooking lamb crackling

I had quite ¬†a few questions asking me how to cook lamb crackling. I have cooked it before and published a vague description so on request here is a step by step guide how to do it . It takes a little time but not much work and the flavours are quite incredible! You need … Continue reading

Lamb crackling!

A friend of mine mentioned that he had seen a recipe for belly of lamb, also known as breast of lamb and asked me if I had ever cooked it. I had, until then never even thought about it and was intrigued, to the degree that I had to cook it and sooner rather than … Continue reading