Crab stick cakes

The other day I was talking to the fishmonger. As we spoke I couldn’t stop looking at some crab sticks that he had. I actually like crab stick but I wasn’t sure if M would agree. I thought if I bought some and made something interesting with them he might not object. I haven’t eaten … Continue reading

Doing The Honours in Edinburgh

“To do the honours of a table gracefully, is one of the outlines of a well-bred man…” Rev. Dr. John Trusler. I think it was about two years ago since I went to Martin Wishart’s restaurant in Leith. I have to admit I did not know very much about Mr Wishart himself and I was in … Continue reading

Amazing food memories 2011

I got the question the other day what my favourite restaurant is and I couldn’t answer. I did think for a long time and I think the response is “it depends on what I want to eat”. London and the UK is such a great place for the most gorgeous food from all corners of … Continue reading