Beetroot and pork meatloaf with a spicy coco cola tomato sauce

I feel so ready for the summer, we have the odd really warm day and then some cold weather sweeps in and out comes the big jacket again. The cold weather makes me feel like eating comfort food and meatloaf is way up there for me. I love it with mash and lots of gravy … Continue reading

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Happy Chinese New Year 2015!

I try to cook different cuisines and test new things. A celebration, such as the Chinese New Year is always a good time to try new things out. Last year I was more ambitious and cooked up a whole buffet. This year I thought perhaps one dish would be enough. There was a Chinese restaurant … Continue reading

Meatloaf on a rainy, windy day

All the rain and cold weather lately makes me want comfort food. I was thinking about what I wanted to eat and what I had time to make and meatloaf came up a clear winner. It is easy to make and cooks itself in the oven whilst I could finish up work, perfect. Feta cheese … Continue reading

Comforting meatloaf and gorgeous allotment kale cooked two ways

It was allotment day this weekend and we brought some jam and hot sauce as a contribution, there were lots of home made jams and even locally produced honey! There was a barbecue, a raffle and a true family day. This is when you really notice that having an allotment is not just for older, … Continue reading

The first asparagus and lamb meatloaf

After two long years of waiting we can finally start to harvest our asparagus that we grow at the allotment! Last year we took a few stems but not many and very carefully. This year there are quite a few and I picked a nice handful today for the very first time. There are more … Continue reading

Meatloaf hash

Monday night and I need dinner. I didn’t feel that I needed to buy anything, and cooked from the fridge and freezer. I found a few different things and decided to make a hash using the following: • Leftover meatloaf, diced • An organic Frankfurter from the butcher, sliced • Light halumi cheese, diced I … Continue reading