2013 – Delicious dishes and amazing restaurants

I really believe that the older you get the faster the years go by and 2013 was no exception. There were some ups and downs but that is life! I finally went to New York and went to see my friends in Clarksville Tennesse. We explored more of Barcelona, discovered the charms of Lanzarote, a … Continue reading

Christmas, New York style and a wish come true, dinner at Annisa

When I went to New York I realized that I might never, in my whole life, had made a proper effort for Christmas. Every tree I saw had more lights than I own combined, not to mention the amount of decorations. I don’t own even a candy cane, small or man sized. The tree lighting … Continue reading

A light breakfast, the eerie silence at Ground Zero and a Mexican lunch

The jetlag made me wake up early every day. I woke at 5 AM and wondered if I should just stay put or get going. At 7AM I was ready for action. Usually I am not an early morning person but as I was up I thought the natural place to go would be a … Continue reading

The first 24 hours in New York, doing the sights and eating plenty of foods

I can’t believe it has taken me so long to go to New York. I never got further than the airports before but this time I had come to stay and have a look around. It was a different kind of holiday as I was meeting lots of friends, but first I met up with … Continue reading