Nectarine starter and an omelette

I like to mix fruits and savoury. I had some nectarines at home and after having a think about whether to make a starter or a dessert I decided that a dessert was too obvious so a starter it was. I had a look around and decided to pair it with cottage cheese, I wanted … Continue reading

Something very plain and simple the day after the party

Sometimes  get the question how long I spend cooking every day and where I get my inspiration, it is so easy to just have a few dishes that you know work and can be knocked up quite quickly. The answer is that I only really spend time doing more complicated or slow cooking dishes on … Continue reading

Brunch omelette

I was talking the other day to a friend about the rising food prices, almost everything is costing more and new reports warn of no end in sight for this, I read this report in The Telegraph about the rising food cost. I was thinking about this afterwards and decided to cook something that is mainly cheap … Continue reading

Roast beef omelette

Yesterday was quite mild so I thought I wouldn’t need my woolly hat and gloves today, I should have checked the weather forecast. It was freezing! I had some roast beef left over from the weekend and was thinking of making a potato salad but the cold weather made me think that I needed something … Continue reading