Salmon with ginger jam glaze and pan fried savoy cabbage

I love to make jam but I almost never actually eat it. I have been thinking and thought I would start making savoury jams, or jams to go with savour food, I did and realized I always eat them! Today I wanted to make ginger jam to go with my salmon dinner. I love the … Continue reading

Black eyed beans and pan fried salmon

After quite an indulgent holiday season my body wants veg and healthy foods. Like most of the population I feel that I have piled on the pounds and need to make amends. I will not give up anything but will go for a healthier diet. That means out with the healthy food cookbooks for inspiration … Continue reading

Pan fried salmon and beet root creme

How was your weekend? I have done almost all of my Christmas present shopping, very pleased with myself I sat down to start wrapping. It was only then I realized I had bought quite a few of them and it took some time to do them all. To get in the mood I played Christmas … Continue reading

Veg curry and salmon

Sometimes I like to see what I can find in my fridge and cook something from that. Last weekend we picked the last of the butternut squashes, I still  have a few to go so that was a given to use. I also picked other produce from the allotment, cavolo nero, spinach, runner beans and … Continue reading

Flavour simplicity, salmon & mash

When I bought the salmon yesterday for the salmon and prawn burgers I got an extra piece for dinner. I was going to pan fry it and have with some toast but after roaming around a bit in the fridge I found one quite large and lonely looking potato and all of the sudden I … Continue reading

Salmon on my mind

On Friday night I was so hungry I needed something quick and easy so I made a casserole from sausage and beans and a sprinkle of Joes smoked cheese. Not the most sophisticated dish but perfect weeknight food with a glass or two of red. I was thinking yesterday what I would want to eat … Continue reading

Veg bake with truffle and pan fried salmon

I had one of those days, just a tiny bit forgetful. I went to get some food after work and only once home realised I had forgotten a few things, isn’t that so annoying? I did think about going back out to the shops but decided to start cooking (too hungry to postpone dinner!) with … Continue reading