One pizza dough, two pizzas

Pizza and tomato dip

When I moved here just a few years ago it was impossible to get a pizza that was worth the name. Now there are five places within walking distance that sells pizzas. Some of them are better than others but you can get a great pizza. I walked past one of the places seeing a … Continue reading

Perfect pizza on the pizza steel

pepperoni and mushroom pizza

Sometimes the most simple combinations make delicious food. Pasta is amazing, egg, flour and semolina and you have a wonderful product. Pizza is the same, you combine bread, tomato sauce and cheese and you have an instantly delicious meal. You can make it your own by adding your favorites toppings in unique and endless combinations … Continue reading

Hot sauce tortilla pizza

After a day of travelling I didn’t feel like cooking but I was hungry and I didn’t feel like going out so I had a look around the fridge to see what I had that would be quick to cook with a minimal fuss. I had some tortillas and decided to make a tortilla pizza. … Continue reading

Two tortilla pizzas

With the new year and the resolution to eat healthier I decided to use up the left over cheese from the holidays. I had some soft tortillas left over and I love to use them as a pizza base. I went through the fridge and the fruits and decided to use a small piece of … Continue reading

A family day at Reigate Rugby Club and great pizza

Getting involved with a local sports club is great. It is of course about sport but also about camaraderie, it is about bringing people together. Reigate Rugby Club is one of those places where all of this falls in to place. Located in a gorgeous spot in Reigate the rugby club is a place where … Continue reading

Rustic indulgence in a warm Le Marche sun

Italy is always a journey and an experience. No senses are left un touched in beautiful Le Marche. The Le Marche region faces the Adriatic sea and is more rustic but equally beautiful to Tuscany. The Sibillini Mountains show a different side every hour with is snow covered peaks and clouds hovering around them. It … Continue reading