Ginger poached salmon with mushroom rice

I love mushrooms, on their own, as a side dish, stuffed, in salads… you name it! I have always loved mushroom rice and thought there must be a way to get more mushroom flavor in to the rice than just cooking them separate and then mixing them. I have to admit I have actually thought … Continue reading

Salmon and cauliflower with confit egg yolk served with sauce verte

I had a discussion with a friend of mine the other day and it was all about food. We tried to determine what food we use the most and would be most reluctant to let go of. Egg was high on our list, the perfect fast food, a key ingredient in delicious cakes, nutritious,  a … Continue reading

Poached salmon with yuzu sauce and kale

As I was shopping the other day I saw some yuzu sauce. I have never used it before so I had to buy it. I am sure it is not too difficult to make yourself but I wanted to try it first. It is tangy with a clear citrus flavour. I decided to get some … Continue reading

Tofu two ways, with salmon and in a creamy potato salad with crispy duck

I love to watch cooking programs on TV and I think perhaps one of the most used words is “versatile” about various ingredients. Using much more tofu I think this might be the only word that actually fits. Tofu is one of the most versatile ingredients I know. When I was shopping this weekend I … Continue reading