Prawn salad with plum dressing

Prawn salad with plum dressing

There is a heatwave! Yesterday was the hottest weather I think I can remember in the UK. My kitchen is in the basement so nice and cool but not cool enough to start any serious cooking. This was a perfect salad day.   I wanted to eat prawns, cold water, salty prawns like we eat … Continue reading


Prawn salad with a hot lemon dressing

Prawn salad with lemon dressing

Winter arrived late this time and it bought cold winds and bright and sunny days. I have to admit I have eaten way too much comfort food and cheated on the exercise. After warming curries and way too much carbs I wanted to break it up with a salad.   I try to keep a … Continue reading

Prawn and halumi salad

After the indulgent weekend in Paris I felt that I should have more fruit and veg and decided to do a salad. I found some juicy prawns and used them to build the salad around. Here are the ingredients I used, you can of course use anything that you prefer, the beauty of salads! Gem … Continue reading