Szechuan pepper and clove dry rubbed, roasted pulled chicken with a fruity glaze

I was in London the other day and I went to the Japan Centre and did what I love to do, bought so much I had to give up when it was too heavy! I mainly stocked up on the usual, rice wine vinegar, tofu and a few other ingredients but I loved the look … Continue reading

The chicken or the egg at Whyte & Brown

I read a review about a new place in Kingly Court in Soho called Whyte & Brown. They have the usual angel of serving chicken and/or egg dishes. I was curious if a concept like this would work or would the menu seem slightly lacking? Chicken is a very versatile meat and eggs are well, … Continue reading

Smoked chicken left over, pulled chicken wrap with a 5 minute barbecue sauce

I had some of the smoked chicken left over and I wanted to make a week night meal out of it. In this case I wanted something quick and easy with a minimal amount of cooking. I had some wholemeal wraps and decided to make pulled chicken wraps. It is not possible to make pulled … Continue reading