Pulled lamb hash and lamb rice paper rolls

The weekend forecast is grey and rainy but we have already had some brilliant days! Last weekend I decided to be lazy, skip breakfast and make a nice brunch. The weather was shining and brunch in the garden seemed very appealing. I decided to use some of the left over lamb. I love the flavor … Continue reading

An American inspired dinner, part I – amuse bouche pre starter and starter

When I was young I decided to go abroad for a year as an exchange student to the USA. I was so excited, especially when I got to fill in where I would like to go! I was thinking about sunny California, or cool New York! Of course this was just for the organizations guidance … Continue reading

Step by step guide to cooking lamb crackling

I had quite ¬†a few questions asking me how to cook lamb crackling. I have cooked it before and published a vague description so on request here is a step by step guide how to do it . It takes a little time but not much work and the flavours are quite incredible! You need … Continue reading

A seafood platter, pulled lamb and garlic marinated anchovy

I wanted to cook something special this Saturday for dinner and made a seafood platter. I went to the fishmongers, they have so much to choose from and it is hard not to get greedy. I ended up buying langoustines, peel on prawns, crab claws and a piece of salmon fillet. The salmon was pan … Continue reading

A warming dinner party on a cold April night

After a stint of super summery weather in March it now feels like November, it is rainy, windy and cold! We had some friends over for a dinner and with the weather in mind I wanted to serve something that made you feel warm and looked after! I lit loads of candles and kicked the … Continue reading

Pulled lamb and cured salmon for Easter lunch

Easter is here! Four long days off and I finally had time for some cooking. I invited some friends for Easter Saturday lunch. In Sweden the tradition is to eat lamb or salmon at Easter and I decided that this would make a great menu. I wanted salmon to be the main course so had … Continue reading