A rib of beef


Since moving to the UK I have identified two meals that are unmistakably English. The first is a full English breakfast. I have never lived in a town where just about every eatery offers a full English breakfast of various quality. A full English must have bacon, eggs (poached or fried), a good quality sausage, … Continue reading

Valentines dinner, prawn mousse with mango and soy

I don’t know how a dish sometimes appear in my thoughts but lately prawn mousse has been on my mind. It might have been a conversation with a friend about seafood and what goes with it. Once the thought appeared I then had to think of how to make it, should I stuff something, dumplings, … Continue reading

Celebrating the new year with rib of beef

This year we celebrated New Years at home with our friends from across the road. I was responsible for the starter and the main course and I had an order for rib of beef. The place to start was to Robson’s Butcher to get the beef, they had a fab looking rib of beef that … Continue reading

A proper Sunday lunch

Sunday lunch is one of the best things of the weekend and this Sunday I had an order for a rib of beef with all the trimmings. I had some mushrooms left over. I removed the stems and filled the caps with the last of the bassajo blue cheese and black garlic and baked it … Continue reading