Summery roasted butternut squash

Feta cheese baked Butternut squash

We had a spell of summer lately and all our vegetables and herbs are growing like crazy. This might be the most exciting time of the year when we can finally start picking fresh produce even if it is just thinned out vegetables.   Looking at the garden made me want to cook something summery, … Continue reading


Butternut squash dip

I tried on a pair of trousers the other day and have to admit that they were a bit tight. I hate when that happens and thought perhaps I should change my diet a bit and eat more veg. I love to snack and it is so often some cheese and a handful of grapes. The other … Continue reading

Roast chicken thighs, stir fry and mmm.. chocolate

It was a busy weekend and with a friend over I wanted to make a nice dinner in quite a short time as we were out for most of the day. By the time we made it home I wanted to cook chicken thighs as they are quite quick and easy. Roast chicken thighs with … Continue reading

Lovely home cooked roast chicken

After a hectic week I landed back in London. It was a bit of a relief to be met by some sunshine! It was a lovely day. It was quite a busy week and I really wanted to cook something, the lure of home cooked food! After dropping the bag I headed to Robsons Butcher … Continue reading

Wild rabbit pistachio curry

This week I have been wanting to cook something I don’t cook very often. I haven’t been home in time any night of the week to have time to cook something new so I wanted until Saturday to head to Robson’s butcher to see what I could find. On my way there I did remembered seeing some … Continue reading

Allotment dinner – a new take on veg and white sauce

Allotments have a real community feeling. There is always someone to talk to, exchange thoughts on the weather (and the impact this has on the growing of the veg), best practice to get rid of the, honestly, disgusting slugs and of course how best eat the produce! After a rocky start there is now quite … Continue reading