Cod two ways and crispy roasted Brussels sprout leaves

Last week it was time for a Swedish visit to see friends and family. I only go a couple of times per year but why I can’t remember not to go in the winter is beyond me. Like a forgetful squirrel I seem to forget how dark it gets. It wasn’t very cold for the time of … Continue reading

Beef, chorizo and cabbage ragu

It is cabbage time at the allotment. No matter how much I love any given vegetable and no matter how carefully we plant in what seems like very small batches, sometimes I seem to end up with a glut and this year everything has grown so large as well. This is how we ended up … Continue reading

Savoy cabbage soup with barley and lentils

I don’t know why but I feel like eating healthier. As the fall has arrived and the leaves are falling off the trees, full of colour I feel a need for soup. There is something  comforting about it and it is so easy to make healthy versions, still full of flavour. I love cabbage and … Continue reading