Smoked beef and butternut squash salad

Smoked beef salad

The other day I almost stumbled in a shop over a box of Christmas cards. I can’t be the only one who thinks it is just a tiny bit early? Saying that I am reminded every morning listening to the radio where they have a count down. The count down makes it sound so close … Continue reading

Pheasant, upclose and delicious

The other day the door knocked. Outside was a neighbour, he said they are off on a surprise trip, would I like a couple of pheasants? He was worried they might go off and didn’t want them to go to waste. I was delighted and a bit apprehensive at the same time as I was … Continue reading

Messing with a classic, a new take on lobster bisque

What is wrong with the classics? The dishes that have made it, sometimes through centuries. The truth is there is nothing wrong at all with the classics and they are called classics for a reason. It is only my inability to follow a recipe to the tee that makes me change pretty much any recipe … Continue reading

Cauliflower rice with mackerel in vinegar and clearing the fridge

The weather has been amazing lately, days are incredibly hot and it feels a bit awful to spend time inside. There is a pub about an hours walk along the beach from where I live and we decided to take the afternoon “off” and walk there for lunch. The day was beautiful and I love … Continue reading

Smoked paprika cured pulled chicken salad with miso dressing

After the holidays and quite  lot of rich foods I was craving something lighter. I picked up a couple of chicken breasts and thought a chicken salad would be nice, especially with some crunchy veg and a spicy dressing. First I wanted to give the chicken as much flavor as possible and decided to cure … Continue reading

A summery beef cheek and runner bean stew

Every year at the allotment we grow runner beans. I have a bit of an ambivalent relationship with runner beans. I am not completely fond of the flavour but then it adds that extra to some dishes and I only cook them in runner bean season! One of my favourite way to cook them is … Continue reading