Smoked Chinese pulled pork

I can never resist a good bargain and I picked up a boned shoulder of pork that was on sale. We had guests coming for dinner and I love the versatility of pork. I really fancied pulled pork and what better opportunity than when you have guests to share it with? I find it pretty … Continue reading

Silver darlings with pea purée and hazelnut hasselbacks potatoes

Herring comes from the old German word for multitude. There used to be so plentiful and so loved that the Britons called them silver darlings. In fact they were so loved and fished that they were eventually endangered. They provided work and nutritious protein in poor times. Sweden has a similar history, herring was so … Continue reading

Smoked tomato with asparagus broth and BBQ time

The nice weather inspired me to do a barbecue. I could not wait to get to Robson’s to get a chicken as this was my choice of the day. I asked Zack (Mr Robson) to chop it up for me and he gave me 10 nice pieces and the odd bits and giblets in a … Continue reading