A very Swedish trip

It is funny when you are an expat. It was more than fourteen years ago since I left Sweden but it will always be home, just like the UK is home. I guess home is part of where you have your friends and where you are feeling comfortable and I figure I got the best … Continue reading

A visit to the idyllic Utö island in the Stockholm archipelago

Sometimes you just get everything right and timing is on your side. I was off to a conference in Stockholm, I postponed my holiday to to get there and I was resenting my decision ever so slightly but as I arrived the day before I called a friend and arranged to go and see her. … Continue reading

Excessive, indulgent, delicious – Swedish Christmas dinner at Fjäderholmarnas Krog

I once read about an Englishman who traveled to Sweden in December. He was there over Christmas, I can’t remember why, but he was invited to a family’s home to share their Christmas dinner. His long lasting memory was the overwhelming generosity and abundance of foods. This is quite natural as Swedes go all out. … Continue reading